Bürgerpark Pankow

Zwischen Panke und dem Bahngelände Wollankstraße liegt der Bürgerpark Pankow im Norden der Stadt. Was hier mitten in der Nacht passierte, als sich eine Schwangere und ein Partymensch trafen, erzählt Maya in ihrer Parkgeschichte. Jetzt lesen!

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BArgerpark Pankow Ernst und Wilma4

Hello, I’m  Wilma, and I'm 21 years old. I’m here with my friend Ernst. She’s 22 and lives in Pankow. Bürgerpark Pankow is a park in Berlin. It’s close to where my friend lives, so we regularly go on walks or meet to have fun here.

A park story? Well, two years ago, we were here with a few people, and right next to us, there was this larger group of young Russians listening to music over a large speaker. They seemed friendly, so we asked if we could join their group and dance. They were all super friendly, but we couldn't understand each other. They didn't speak German, and we didn't speak Russian.

Despite the language barrier, we partied with them for a long time and even danced the polonaise! Eventually, the police came and put an end to our fun. We understood, but it was such a shame. We were having such a great time and, with no one living nearby, we thought we were in the clear to be loud. I think there should be a rule for young people being able to party in the parks between a certain time. We also need a place where we can enjoy the fresh air and sweet summer nights. Just let us know when we need to stop and we’ll stop. We’re not trying to be a nuisance. 

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Foto BArgerpark Pankow Maya2

My name is Maya, and I’m visiting Bürgerpark Pankow, a park in Berlin. I often come here to go for walks and relax. My park story begins when I was pregnant a few years ago. I mean really pregnant! It was three in the morning, and I started having contractions. We were told it’s good to go for a walk before going into labor, so we went to the park. I wasn’t feeling all that great as contractions make you feel nauseous and faint. Anyways, there was this guy walking towards us. I guess he was walking home from a party. He was holding a massive kebab in his hand and looked like your typical, punk-rock Berliner with tattoos. He kept looking at me funny because my contractions were causing me to scream every three to four minutes. He eventually came five or seven meters away from us, and I suddenly had to turn to my right and hurl up something nasty. The guy looked at me, looked at his food, looked at me again, and then threw his kabab into a dark corner of the park. I guess my vomit ruined his appetite. He just walked past us after that. Once I was feeling better, we both realized how funny this interaction was. I mean, this hardcore party-goer from Berlin meets a pregnant woman in the park. She spews vomit at his feet. He throws away a perfectly good kebab and carries on his way. He must have been startled and clueless of what was going on.

This story makes me love the diversity in Berlin even more and how everything coexists in the city. Pregnant women. Punk rockers. They can even meet in a random park while she’s on her way to the hospital and he’s walking home from a party. It just goes to show you that parks are places for everyone. We all pass through and cross all walks of life. We all live peacefully for the most part. Well, maybe not in my case?!

im Bürgerpark Pankow
Fotos Bürgerpark Pankow Klara

Hello, I’m Klara and I’m nine years old. I was with my mom and my dog once in Bürgerpark Pankow when I saw a woman sitting on a park bench. She was sitting there motionlessly with her head hanging down between her legs. She sat there limp for ten minutes. We thought about approaching her, but maybe she was just sleeping. We didn't want to disturb her. We talked about what to do and decided we’d check on her again on our way back. When we returned, her body was in a different position. Her knees were bent this time, so we knew she was ok.

To be honest, she looked like she was dead at first, and that scared me. You could see her breathing, but it was still alarming. She wasn’t moving, and it definitely didn’t look like yoga either. It was as if she were sick or lifeless. Later, when we thought about her again, we were upset with ourselves that we didn't go and talk to her. What if she had had a heart attack? Maybe she wasn’t feeling well and needed a doctor. It would’ve been our fault if she had died. We had the chance to help her if she really had been in danger. We sometimes aren’t brave enough to talk to strangers. I mean, you never know how someone could react. They could get aggressive if they've been drinking. But even so, it’s good to check and see if they’re ok. Better safe than sorry. I just think you should go in pairs. It may not be safe to go it alone.