im Volkspark Wilmersdorf
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My name is Nanny. We’re at Volkspark Wilmersdorf, one of Berlin’s many parks. The best memory I have was when I was sitting here with one of my girlfriends on a park bench. She was in a marriage crisis and had just gotten some legal advice. She wanted to tell me all about their strategy to win against her husband in court. It was hilarious.

The sun began to set, and we were still chatting away. Funny enough, she didn’t remember to tell me about her legal plan of action until it was dark outside. To have some light, we decided to use the flashlight function on one of our phones. Hers didn’t work for some reason, so I wanted to use mine.

Just then, this man came by on his bicycle. We weren’t talking. Like I said, we were just looking for the flashlight function, and he asked if he could tell us something. Thinking it would give us back our alone time, we tried telling him that we had complicated legal issues to sort out. Instead of walking away, he replied saying he’s familiar with law. I mean, he wasn’t a lawyer, but he had a passion for it. He even liked sitting in court cases regularly, and he had been doing it for twenty years.

He spoke for over half an hour about all the cases he witnessed, and we listened to every word. At some point, I said he seemed to know a lot but nothing regarding legal concerns. He asked which area of law we were interested in, and I said divorce laws. As soon as I said that, he went on talking about all the divorce cases he’d witnessed, too, including his own, which, by the way, included an argument in court about a jar of jam and a green wardrobe.

Anyway, the stories he told were so interesting, detailed, and well-explained, that we had nothing else to talk about after he left. We just looked at each other and felt like the universe had done all the talking for us. We walked out of the park in silence. I think my friend ended up not using the legal advice she got, but the outcome in court was just as good, if not better! 

Reina und Angela
im Volkspark Wilmersdorf
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I’m Reina, and we’re here in Wilmersdorfer Park. My friend Angela and I often meet here. We always enjoy our time together in the park. I like walking through park’s woods by myself sometimes, but parks are ultimately a place where community meets. Especially during times like these, parks become even more important. So many people are nagging and complaining. They feel desperate in life, and people need to come together.

Nature has this way of pulling deep thoughts and emotions out of us. Nature is a place where we talk and exchange ideas, and the park is no different. Sometimes I even feel the trees need to let out their emotions, too. There is great healing in allowing oneself to open up and be vulnerable. We tend to relax when we open up and know this is a space where vulnerability is appreciated. Something in the air changes. People become more aware of the nature around them and start to see it with new eyes. The way we interact changes, and people start to really see each other. Before this happens, people are just in their own heads. Nature pulls us out of this state and connects us to our own kind. It’s something that’s readily available to us at any time.

im Volkspark Wilmersdorf
Wilmersdorf Wanda 169

Hello, my name is Wanda. I’m at Wilmersdorf Volkspark. I went to the daycare next to the park when I was little. I was here almost every day. I used to come with my mom after she picked me up or on the weekend. There was this one time when I was swinging next to another girl on the playground, and the girl’s dad kept calling out her name.

Her name was Samira. My mom found her name so beautiful that she decided to approach her father. That's what got them talking. Eventually, the little girl and I started talking, too. Crazy enough, we’re still friends today. We met when we were about three or four. 18 years ago. I’ve known her for so long, she's like a sister to me. We've grown up together. She’s a part of my family now, and we’re both grateful to my mom for that!