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I'm Albrecht. I come to Münsinger Park whenever I need to pick up my son from daycare. We either drive, take scooters, or walk home. Last week, an emergency helicopter needed to land in the park. My son just couldn’t believe his eyes. We were a good distance away, so we decided to quickly run to where the action was. The helicopter landed, and a group of people, both children and adults, came and sat starry-eyed around it. I mean, it’s not every day you see a helicopter land in your local park. We had to stop, and my son was curious to see what was going on. It completely made our day.

Someone intervened and explained that a neighbor had placed an emergency call because someone needed help. We all stayed put to watch the helicopter take off again. There were lots of police around us with their sparkling blue lights. For the pilot, it was just another take off, but for us, well, we found it absolutely spectacular. And that was the greatest thing that’s happened to us in the park recently!

im Münsinger Park
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Hello, I'm Lucas, and I live in Berlin, Spandau. I’m 26 years old and spend a lot of time in the green spaces around Spandau. One of these spaces is Münsinger Park. I come here often with a small group of people after church. This park, or this tree rather, is our meeting spot. I personally love it’s appearance. It either looks like it’s fallen over and died, or it’s just stretching across the earth and still bearing a few leaves. It’s like something I used to read in fantasy books as a kid. Anyway, our church group likes to sit and talk here.

I’ve gathered many fond memories next to this tree. I stop here whenever I go on a bike ride and need a break. I even stopped here with my wife during our honeymoon. We had breakfast under the tree and then continued on our bike and train tour. With every memory, this tree becomes a bit more special.

im Münsinger Park

Hello, I’m Nour and 15 years old. A funny thing happened to me in the park once. I skipped school with two of my friends, and we went to Münsinger Park in Spandau. We ate food, had fun, and met up with some boys. All my girlfriends had boyfriends, and we played tag together.

Playing hooky was a bitter-sweet idea. It was fun being with friends outside, but we actually needed to be studying. Three of us visited one of the boys at his home. We saw people we knew, and we hid because they knew our parents. Luckily, they didn’t see us. Later we had a kebab, chips, and Coke. Today, I’m with my mother and my two little brothers in Spandau. To this day, my mother still doesn’t know anything about this story!

im Münsinger Park
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Hello, my name is Yolanda. I am 27 years old and pregnant. I have been in Germany for almost three years now. My first time in Spandaupark was in 2019. I was just walking around because i did not know anyone and i did not have any friends. I got a drink and sat down on a bench. There were three guys who came over and were nice to me. After that we developed a friendship. Every Friday or Saturday i was in the park with them.
I started making many connections because there are a lot of people to meet in the park. Six months later I formed my relationsship with a guy from eritrea and now we expecting our first baby.
The park has been a meeting place for all of us because most of the people here, especially foreigners, have no permanent home where you can invite a person. So if you live in a „Heim“ the rule is you are allowed to bring only one person over or in times of the pandemic it is not allowed at all.

The park is for me personally a place where I made friends who became family and I made my own family as well. It is a place where I kind of feel like home because of the people I have met. To be far from home is not an easy thing and it is always nice when you have a place where you can meet people who you can connect with.