im Landschaftspark Hertzberge
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Hello, my name is Julia. I’m 36 years old. I’ve been living in Lichtenberg for half a year. This is how I came across Lichtenberg Herzberge, a nature park in Berlin. I think it’s so beautiful here. It’s like being in the countryside. They’re sheep everywhere, and a wide open farm in the city that you can walk through. Flowers grow everywhere, and there’s a lot of nature you can eat, too. The crops aren’t fenced off, so you can either walk past or pick what you find. There are signs, however, that say only helpers are allowed to pick food. People respect the rules, so the signs seem to work.

There’s also this beautiful mosaic park bench that reminds a bit of Gaudi, a park in Barcelona. I was on vacation there with a friend once. She lives in Australia, so I don’t get to see her often. Anyways, everything in Gaudi is covered with mosaics. We had a nice time there, and the bench reminds me of that. Kids love this bench, too. They love looking at the mosaics, touching them, and sitting on them. It’s fun watching children come in contact with the bench.

im Landschaftspark Hertzberge
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My name is Isi. I’m 42 years old. I’ve been living for almost 16 years near Lichtenberg Herzberge, a nature park in Berlin. About 50 sheep live here, and I’ve even seen them  give birth. I especially remember the birth of two lambs. It was Easter. I can’t remember which year it was. But it happened in the morning. The first little lamb was born at nine or half past nine. The second one was born five minutes later. I was waiting to speak to a park employee. That's how I witnessed the birth. I told him that two lambs were just born. We went in together. He put the babies and mama into a trailer and moved them to another enclosure where the other baby lambs were. It is exciting to see new life be brought into the world.

Danny und Isi
im Landschaftspark Hertzberge

DANNY: My name is Danny, and I’m 42 years old. The painting you see behind me is of my dog Lupo when he was 10 months old. And this is Isi. She’s 42 like me. My park story begins when Lupo was just a puppy. I was visiting Lichtenberg Herzberge, a park in Berlin. All of a sudden, this female voice called out my name. It startled me at first, but when I looked, it was just my friend Isi. She said hi, but didn't have much time to talk.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. It was Thursday, June 21st, the longest day of the year. I was working a late shift and decided to go for a walk after finishing. I passed by a park bench and my dog was dragging his ball behind me. We were about to leave the park when I suddenly heard my name. It was Isi again! She was sitting on the bench to watch the solar eclipse.

We talked about old times.

ISI: The last time we had seen each other was twenty years ago. At that time, we were both living in a children's home in Waldsieversdorf, a small village in Brandenburg. We hadn’t crossed paths since. I still knew immediately who it was.

DANNY: It was as if we had just left the children’s home and were saying goodbye to each other 14 days ago.

Our twenty-year-long connection made this coincidence all the more special.

ISI: It's funny, but also cool running into people you grew up with. I hope our connection lasts and a friendship develops.

DANNY: Without my dog, I would have never walked past this bench on exactly this time and day when Isa was sitting here to watch the solar eclipse. You could even say I owe it all to Lupo.