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Kreuzberg Girlitzer Park Looney2

Good day! People call me Looney, and I got a park story for ya. It starts back in the good old days when people were allowed to play music on the streets. We’d bring our sound equipment, invite our friends, and from there, the moment took flight. More and more people would come, dance, and laugh together. Other musicians and artists would join, and they’d entertain the crowd.

I remember there was this brass band that covered popular songs. They’d even throw wind instruments and some electronic music into the mix. To hear all of these instruments playing in unison was such a beautiful thing to witness. The name of the band was Meute, and they had a circus flair about themselves. They dressed up like ring masters and wore lots of red and gold. As soon as you saw them turn the corner, the whole place just automatically came alive. A crowd of people would form around the music, and it gave everyone a sense of community. It’s special to look back and think that all these memories were sparked by spontaneity.

im Görlitzer Park
Kreuzberg Girlitzer Park Carla

I’m Carla. I don’t usually come to Görlitzer Park cause I don't live in Kreuzberg. The park has many beautiful areas, but you’d never find a park like this in Vienna. It just wouldn’t fit in. Yes, it has lawns for people to relax on. Bike trails for people to enjoy. These are some of the legal things people do here. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination.

im Görlitzer Park
Kreuzberg Girlitzer Park Feneonix2

Hello, my name is Fereonix. We’re in Görlitzer Park and just visiting Berlin. We drove here from Paris last Saturday and arrived in Berlin at 5 pm. Berlin is nothing like Paris. The people live completely different lifestyles.

When we came to the park, we saw some people playing Frisbee and decided to go and talk to them. One guy had a massive speaker and was playing loud music over it. They taught us how to play frisbee and told us what to do in Berlin and where to go. It’s nice to see how easy it is to meet new people here. It's not like that in Paris. On Saturday, we saw another guy playing loud music. The police came and asked him to turn it down. I noticed the police are much nicer here. Back in Paris, he could’ve gotten beaten up.

im Görlitzer Park
Kreuzberg Girlitzer Park Alis

I'm Alis, and we're in Görlitzer Park. I still remember the first day I moved to Berlin from Italy. It was six years ago. We lived close to the children's farm at the time. That place with all the goats and donkeys. We didn’t have an animal farm in the city back home, so it surprised me to see one in the middle of Berlin.

The children’s farm was initially our favorite place to go. I was always there with my two children who were both very small at the time. I even took my parents there when they came to visit, and I met a nice woman there who also had children.

Her children ended up going to the same daycare as my daughter. They arrived a month after she started and were placed in her group. It meant something to us because we had already met in the park. On Thursdays, their group would go to the park and build a bonfire. Thursday became Farm Day for the children.